Dec. 1st, 2014

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I always try to remember my dreams, because I never know when or if they will fall in line with any sort of relevance down the road.

There are dreams I've kept and used as writing inspiration, and dreams I've ended up cherishing for their cryptic, personalized meanings. Last nights' dreams were neither of those things.

Dream 1:

I was sitting in my kitchen with a friend (I don't know who, there was just the gestural behavior of being on friendly terms with them) and my friend Terry comes over. He's holding a pair of jeans and says, "Do you know anyone who wants a pair of jeans?"

I said, "Oh, I do! Those are just what I need!"

Terry hands me the jeans and I take a bite out of them. I look up, and he's eyeballing me with a questionable look.

"Are you ok?"

I tug on the seams of the jeans and they split - the layers of materials fall away from each other - and I giggle anxiously, quickly trying to cover up the fact I just tried to eat jeans. I also start tearing the fabric into small squares.

"Yeah! Just loosening it up for a project!"

And that was it. Yeah.

Dream 2:

This dream switched perspectives between two different hotel rooms, in two different hotels.

I was staying in a really nice hotel and working as a super hero under cover with a partner (super heroines names redacted for the sake of minimal embarrassment). I was spying on this bad guy villain who is a human possessed by the spirit of a violent murderer, and he was holed up in a crappy hotel (particular character name also redacted, but they are not in any way connected by any stretch of the imagination).

Long story short, the villain kept befriending the cockroaches in his hotel and sending them to our hotel room to creep us out. Also, my partner, who is supposed to be the leader of this particular group of heroes we were based around, was scared of bugs and was completely useless. I remember getting sassy and mumbling to myself about how I have to do everything because I just have to protect her stupid ass.

And that's really all there was.

Finals week fever dreams - I'm convinced.


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